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GAME PROMOTER™ established in 2009 with the intent of servicing small- to medium-sized game developers with their business, public relations and marketing needs. Our goal is to help and assist you in getting your games successfully exposed to industry press and consumers worldwide. Our experienced team of professional marketers has worked in the industry for decades and have specialized in the business of selling, promoting and marketing of games. With a portfolio of more than 1.000 game developers from all continents and corners of the world, it is our continued commitment to offer an attractive and diverse selection of affordable services to our valued developer network and trusted partners in the industry.

"GAME PROMOTER™ has done amazing job for us"

The worldwide video game industry is poised to reach USD $90 billion by the end of 2015, thanks to the combined growth of PC, console, portable, and online video games. With such an impressive market, how do you stand out from the crowd? How do you get noticed? Who can help and where do you go? Game developers of today need an experienced partner they can rely on for guidance and support in a rapidly changing environment; an experienced and professional liaison with invaluable insight to how the industry works, offering honest advice and affordable services in a highly competitive climate. For the most part, game developers are fantastic at creating brilliant games, but more often than not lack the skills, insight, know-how and even the interest on how to promote, sell and market their titles. This is no surprise; after all, they're developers, not marketers or publishers.

"GAME PROMOTER™ quality of service has been outstanding"

Did you know that 100s of new games come out every day on the iOS® and Google Play™ digital app stores? Did you know that in 2014, about 500 new iOS® games and about 250 Android™ games appeared in their respective marketplace every 24 hours? And these numbers don't include the 100s of games coming out on Steam™, game consoles and on other leading platforms. The staggering numbers underscore the difficult situation you are up against when trying to successfully promote you game, and to the inexperienced it seems like an impossible task to get noticed by press in the flood of new titles, knowing that you compete for attention with 100s of other game developers.

How do you stand out from the crowd?

How do you get noticed?

How do you generate buzz and stir interest from press?

How do you get more downloads and sales?

How do you run a PR campaign? What is a press release?

How do you contact journalists?

Where do you start?


GAME PROMOTER™ offers a market-leading PR campaign service suitable to game developers of all sizes. Want more press coverage? Want more downloads? Want more sales? We are the #1 choice to game developers for a reason and we have the skills, the talent, the experience and the network of worldwide games media that you seek! We kick PR ass!


Are you running a Crowdfunding campaign in risk of not reaching its target? Are you planning a future campaign? Need help with what works and what doesn't? We have battle wounds and first-hand experience from the front-lines of Crowdfunding. To date, we have successfully run more than 100 Crowdfunding campaigns.


Do you have a plan and strategy for updating and maintaining your Social Media websites? Is your branding on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other media coherent and consistent? What you do on Social Media will impact your business. We can help strengthen and grow your relationship with your customers, fans, followers and press.


Need help growing your business? Need help selling your games on popular channels? Want to get Greenlit? Want to sell on STEAM™? Want to become a licensed developer with Sony, Nintendo or XBOX? Need help with sales or distribution? We knock down barriers and open doors taking your business to the next level.


We can help you define the scope and direction of your game studio. We can help with business plans, budget's, corporate profile and presentation, identity and branding. Together, we can create a corporate and cultural strategy to maximize profits and secure future growth.

"We highly recommend GAME PROMOTER™ to up-and-coming developers!"





GAME PROMOTER™ can help promote YOUR game! We have the skills, the talent, the experience and the network of media that you seek. We offer a market-leading PR campaign to help promote your game to the press and worldwide consumers. A PR campaign is an affordable and effective way of creating hype, interest and awareness in your products, and is a great tool to announce new games, updates to existing games or to promote Crowdfunding campaigns. We offer distribution of press releases to the largest database of industry press contacts in the world! No kidding. We offer a direct point-of-contact to leading editors, writers, writers, bloggers, freelancers, YouTuber's & Twitcher's, all covering games-related editorial content and news. Our database of press contacts is not for sale (stop asking!) and is updated on a daily basis and we currently have direct contact to more than 10.000+ games media. We offer worldwide campaigns in addition to region- and country-specific PR distribution. We also offer localization.

"We are very grateful to GAME PROMOTER™ for helping us market our first game"

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Producing games is difficult without money. We financially support a limited number of quality products each year. We firmly believe that IP belongs with the developer and we don't take ownership of your game. In exchange for royalties we bring your product to market if we feel is has commercial appeal and significant sales potential.


We offer sessions at trade shows and private events. Want a visit to your office from an expert marketeer? Want personalized presentations followed by informal Q/A sessions at your office? Need someone to present or demo your game to the press or general consumer at expos?


We can help you decipher the cryptic contract you received from your publisher. We can also write you a contract. Our expert counselors can help and advise you with any legal matter you may encounter from the basic non-disclosure agreement to complex worldwide employment contracts.

"Our entire team wishes to thank GAME PROMOTER™ for their awesome work"

Are you ready for us to promote your game? Your first step is to contact us and provide us with information about your game. We need this information to verify that your game qualifies for the service as we only promote games that we feel has a fair chance of success in getting exposure and coverage with members of the press. We promote all types of games: Alpha, Beta, updates to existing games and of course brand new titles.

GAME PROMOTER™ Crowdfunding

GAME PROMOTER™ Supported Crowdfunding GAME PROMOTER™ Supported Crowdfunding GAME PROMOTER™ Supported Crowdfunding GAME PROMOTER™ Supported Crowdfunding


 What We Do:

  • GAME PROMOTER™ will provide you with a professionally written press release within 48 hours.
  • GAME PROMOTER™ will promote your game for a period of 30 days.
  • GAME PROMOTER™ will CC you on all e-mails to game journalists with an interest in your game.
  • GAME PROMOTER™ will configure a Google Alert™ to monitor your press clippings.
  • GAME PROMOTER™ will send you links to news, reviews, articles, videos and any other editorial content.


 Who We Contact:

  • Games journalists, bloggers and gaming websites
  • Print media, tabloids and newspapers covering games.
  • YouTube™ gaming channels.
  • Twitch™ broadcast gaming channels.
  • Alexa™-ranked games media.
  • Trade media covering the games industry.


We Accept PayPal & All Major Credit Cards. We Do Not Accept Wire-Transfers, Direct Deposit, Western Union, Money Grams Or Royalties For Payment

GAME PROMOTER™ Endorsement

"We've worked with GAME PROMOTER™ on several occasions over the years and have always found their expertise and results to be invaluable, especially at their competitive low cost. We highly recommend GAME PROMOTER™ to all up-and-coming developers!"

"I have worked with GAME PROMOTER™ on multiple projects and have been pleased with the results. They excel at getting your games in front of games journalists and on key websites. They have got my press releases in front of both small reviewers and big game sites! I will be using their services a lot in the coming year"

GAME PROMOTER™ Endorsement

"Working with GAME PROMOTER™ has always been a pleasure. They are very approachable and extremely prompt despite the time difference from California to India, where we are based. We have gained a lot of exposure for our games through their service and look forward to working with them in the future!"

GAME PROMOTER™ Endorsement

"GAME PROMOTER™ consistently provides high quality and a level of responsiveness that is unmatched by any other service around. To say that I'm thrilled with their performance is a major understatement"

GAME PROMOTER™ Endorsement

“We at Ironsun Studios couldn't have wished for better service for marketing of our games than the service we received from GAME PROMOTER™. We can categorically say they have opened doors for us that no other service has been able to, and shown a love and attention to us above and beyond the call of duty. Outstanding"

GAME PROMOTER™ Endorsement

"Working with GAME PROMOTER™ is like having a full-time PR & Business person working with us. They help us to promote and sell our products so we can focus on developing them. They never stop when the work is done. They follow up and support us beyond the agreement. Communication is one of the most important thing, and we get everything and beyond from GAME PROMOTER™"

GAME PROMOTER™ Supported Crowdfunding GAME PROMOTER™ Supported Crowdfunding GAME PROMOTER™ Supported Crowdfunding GAME PROMOTER™ Supported Crowdfunding GAME PROMOTER™ Supported Crowdfunding

GAME PROMOTER™ Endorsement

"At EnsenaSoft, we have used GAME PROMOTER™ for over two years, and we are continuously pleased by their great writing, friendly service and the amount of places stories about our apps turn up as a result of using them. Plus they do it all at an exceptionally great price! They are well worth contacting if you are a small developer doing iOS® or Android™ games. Working with GAME PROMOTER™ is an integral part of our plan for continued success. We like to focus on the game creation itself and it is reassuring to know we have a professional partner who can help us with our PR and Marketing needs"

GAME PROMOTER™ Supported Crowdfunding

Useful Links: Kicktraq | Crowdlogs | KickSpy | Sidekick

KickStarter & IndieGoGo

GAME PROMOTER™ Endorsement

"We are very grateful to GAME PROMOTER™ for helping us market our first game very well. Their expert help on marketing games, with special emphasis on Indies is just the best. University of Games is very grateful and we'll definitely work with GAME PROMOTER™ in our future projects"

GAME PROMOTER™ Endorsement

"The team at GAME PROMOTER™ has helped us open up new markets for our game creation products GameGuru and AppGameKit. Their drive and passion to work with us has been impressive and they continue to support our needs for positive PR and press release announcements"

GAME PROMOTER™ Endorsement

"We hired GAME PROMOTER™ for our launch title Gravi, and they have done an amazing job for us! They continue to impress us with new connections and new opportunities. They have gone above and beyond our expectations and we are most grateful for their dedication and hard work. On behalf of Hashbang Games, our entire team wishes to thank GAME PROMOTER™ for all they have done for us!"

GAME PROMOTER™ Endorsement

"We originally approached GAME PROMOTER™ to support the launch of our debut title 60 Seconds!. Their hard work and a wide network of contacts made it possible to generate an early buzz for our game that quickly translated into a rapidly growing interest and introduced a wide range of audiences to our project. We were extremely happy to have worked with GAME PROMOTER™ and are looking forward to working with these talented folks again!"

GAME PROMOTER™ Endorsement

"Olatunjiworld is a French start-up game publishing company, with no contacts in the video games industry, and no track record. Our game, a combination of chess and cards trading games, was our first game. In such a competitive industry with hundreds of millions of games and apps available on mobile platforms, we were expecting to struggle to get any attention from reviewers and journalists when we were ready to launch. From the outset, GAME PROMOTER™ have worked very actively, from testing the game and giving us feedback to improve its gameplay and its appearance, to writing a convincing PR message taking on board the key concepts about the game and about the company that we wanted to communicate, to contacting dozens of reviewers around the world. Their results have been outstanding!"

"Working with GAME PROMOTER™ is the same as having a full-time PR & Business person working with us"

GAME PROMOTER President Hans Olsen

Hans Olsen

President & Founder

GAME PROMOTER™ is a privately owned consultancy firm founded in 2009 by game industry gunslinger, Hans Olsen. Born and raised in Køge, Denmark, Olsen kicked off his professional career in 1989, as he accepted a position to work as a consultant for Commodore Business Machines to promote the Commodore AMIGA™ brand of home computers and its growing catalogue of software and games. Prior to this, Hans had founded United Coders™ in 1987, a game studio focused on creating computer games and productivity software for the early generation of 8- and 16-bit home computers. An avid gamer, passionate writer and experienced low-level programmer, he contributed technical and mainstream editorial content to an array of popular publications, including IC Run, COMputer, HighScore Professional, AMIGA Magasinet, AMIGA Interface, and Dreamcast Magasinet.


Hans spent a few years working at retail computer specialist Pro Computer, where he eventually promoted to manager. Headhunted to work as a games programmer for GiliSoft, Olsen left retail to join the developer, and specialized in educational games and e-learning content. When GiliSoft fell victim to the multimedia crash in the 90s, Olsen returned to journalism and accepted a position as CD-ROM Editor and Staff Writer with Audio Media, a reputable publisher responsible for publications such as Alt Om Data, Privat Computer and CD-ROM Spil (later GameZone). Following his stint with Audio Media, Hans accepted a position with T&T Media as their Nordic Editor-In-Chief of PC Player, PlayStation Magasinet, Nintendo Magasinet and Tips & Tricks. Rounding up his editorial endeavors, Olsen joined Game Reactor (owned by Egmont Online) as their first pan-Nordic Editor-In-Chief.


Entering the new millennial in Y2K, Hans set up shop as an entrepreneur re-branding United Coders™ to become a consultancy firm specializing in public relations, marketing and business development. Within a year, his new company had established itself as a leading partner to developers, publishers and distributors across Europe. And in August of 2001, Hans was the co-founder and European Editor-In-Chief of Insert Coin, an exclusive trade-only publication sponsored entirely by ads with a print circulation of 10.000 copies. Insert Coin was distributed to industry peers, analysts, insiders and members of the press.


Hans continued his career by accepting numerous executive positions. Working as the Nordic PR-Manager for JoWood Productions, he was responsible for the launch of a series of simulation- and strategy-games. Hired by Creative Labs Nordic as their Technical PR-Specialist, Olsen promoted and marketed an impressive array of products spanning from innovative MP3 players to speakers, graphics cards and other multimedia accessories. Representing Memorex Products in Europe, Hans was tapped as their Nordic PR-Manager and was in charge of the entire catalogue of accessories and multimedia storage devices. And finally, Olsen was recruited by recommendation to become the Senior European PR-Manager at Vivendi Universal Games, where he was tasked with representing high-profile brands from Sierra®, Black Label Games® and Blizzard®.


In the spring of 2004, Hans relocated from Denmark to the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area of California, and spent five years working as Technical- and Executive-Producer on a handful of work-for-hire game projects for PC, Microsoft XBOX® 360 / XBLA® and the Nintendo DS™ / Nintendo Wii™. GAME PROMOTER™ was founded by Hans Olsen in 2009, and has since become a market-leading partner to more than 1.000 game developers from all continents and corners of the world.

We are proud to present our growing list of past and present clients. The list is updated on a regular basis, and we do our very best to keep it current. If you are missing from the list, kindly contact us to get added.

  • 10th Art Studio
  • 1Touch Games
  • 2tainment
  • 3A Interactive
  • 3D Construct
  • 3Squared
  • 8-Bit GameStudio
  • 99Games Online
  • Aartform Games
  • Acuity Games
  • Adrian Marik
  • Adventure Productions
  • Adventure's Planet
  • Aleksi Rantonen
  • AlgoCrunch
  • AlphaWeb Plus
  • Analytica Design
  • Anarchy Enterprises
  • Angry Toad Studios
  • AngryOrange
  • App Minis LLC
  • APPatheia
  • Application Systems Heidelberg
  • AppTrixi
  • Appxplore
  • Arcane Logic
  • Arkavis
  • Arkavis Siam Co. Ltd
  • Artefacto Estudio
  • Asinine Games
  • Assyria Game Studio
  • Athletic Design
  • Atom Republic
  • Atomicom Limited
  • Attack Games Ltd.
  • Auroch Digital
  • Aurofinity
  • Avallon Alliance
  • Azurewing
  • Backyard Ninja Design
  • Bad Games
  • BadFly Interactive
  • Baguet Games
  • baKno Games
  • Balcony Team
  • Bandai Namco Entertainment
  • Basilisk Games
  • Battery Acid Games
  • BeautiFun Games
  • Berzerk Studio
  • Betelgeuse Zero
  • BetFlock
  • Big Blaze Games
  • Big Impact Studios
  • Big Smash Studios
  • Bigzur
  • Binary Pumpkin
  • Biscuit Games
  • Bit Barons
  • Bit192 Labs
  • bitComposer Entertainment
  • Bitmap Brothers
  • Black Cloud Studios
  • Black Lab Games
  • Bloober Team
  • bloomzoom
  • Blowfish Studios
  • BlueBox Interactive
  • Blue Energy Labs
  • Blue Fondue
  • Blue Lizard Studios
  • Blue River Arts
  • Blue Shell Games
  • Blyts
  • Boolba Labs
  • Bowen Games
  • Boyan Kolev
  • Brick House Games
  • Broken Crayon Games
  • Brucefilm
  • Buff Studio Co.,Ltd
  • Build A Game Universe
  • Bulbware
  • BulletLike
  • Bushi-Go
  • Butterfly
  • Byteberry
  • C.A. Mobile
  • Caped Koala Studios
  • CapriByte Studios
  • Captain Squiddy
  • Carl. R. Andrews, Inc
  • Cash Curtis
  • Casual Arts Mobile
  • GmbH
  • CherryPick Games
  • Chitralekha Productions
  • Cleversan Software
  • Coatsink Software
  • Code Club AB
  • Code2Game
  • Code4Games
  • Code4Software
  • Codeglue
  • Codemasters
  • ColorCube Studio
  • Coracle Online Ltd
  • Corsegames
  • CraigEatsCrayons
  • Crazy Monkey Studios
  • Crazy Robot Games
  • Crescent Moon Games
  • Crooked Tree Studios
  • Cunning Force Games
  • Curious Media
  • D-Studio
  • Dai Di Ltd
  • Daily App Dream
  • Darkart Studios
  • Dark Curry
  • Day Go By Entertainment
  • Debug Design
  • DeckDAQ
  • Deckpoint Studio
  • Devsisters
  • Difference Games LLC
  • Digital Frame Studio
  • Digital Gamecraft
  • Digital World Studio
  • Dim Dim Sum App
  • Dirty Edge
  • DNA Dynamics, Inc.
  • DNA Interactive Ltd
  • DnS Development
  • Dohi Entertainment & Dohi Sweden
  • Domaginarium
  • Dorado Online Games
  • Double Smith
  • Dr. Ferrous Apps
  • Draconus Entertainment
  • DragonJam Studios
  • Dreamatrix
  • Echoboom
  • Elecorn
  • Electrocoin
  • Elka Palka Production
  • Enitvare
  • Enneagam Studies
  • Enormous Small Things
  • EnsenaSoft
  • Enthusiast Gaming
  • Eonia Dreams
  • Eurocenter
  • European Games
  • Eversim
  • Exis Interactive
  • Exosyphen Studios
  • Extend Interactive
  • Extend Studio
  • Ezone
  • F3D Ltd.
  • Fair Play Labs
  • Falcon Mobile
  • FarSpace Studios
  • Fat Fish Games
  • FeelThere
  • Fenix Fire Entertainment
  • Fervent Interactive
  • Fifth Season AS
  • Fight4Dream
  • Flaming Mitten Studios
  • Flying Pig Game Studio
  • Forlaget Abeland
  • Four Door Lemon
  • Four Flies
  • Four Pixels Games
  • FoxyApp Studio
  • FPSCheats
  • Francesco Chessari
  • Fringe Games
  • FrozenShard
  • FunDreams
  • FuturLab
  • Game Tongue Software
  • GameChops
  • GameFront
  • Games Workshop
  • Games2be
  • GameTheNews
  • Gigi & Buba
  • Gilligames
  • Glenn Marshall
  • GlitchSoft
  • Gloobus Studio
  • GottaKickit
  • Gourmet Pixel
  • Graduate Games
  • GreenBean Games
  • Greeny Games Studio
  • Grey Dog Software
  • Grey May
  • GTArcade
  • Hammerware
  • Hand Holdings
  • Handjoy
  • Hangonit
  • Hapa Games
  • Happy Planet Games
  • Happylatte
  • Hashbang Games
  • Healthy U Technologies
  • Heartcore Games
  • Hexagon Games
  • Huge Monster, Inc.
  • i-Free
  • iChromo
  • Ickity Games
  • iCon
  • Ideonic Limited
  • iDor Interactive
  • iEntertainment Network
  • ifun4all
  • Illusion Labs
  • ilusiva
  • iMania, LLC
  • Inert Soap
  • Infernum Productions AG
  • INI, LLC
  • Innophile NetZide Limited
  • Intermediaware
  • Introversion Software
  • Invent4 Entertainment
  • Invictus Games Ltd.
  • iParty! Mobile
  • IQ Publishing
  • Ironsun Studios Limited
  • Isokron Limited
  • Ivanovich Games
  • Izatt International
  • J-Ho Labs Ltd.
  • James Pawliuk
  • Javier M. Chavez
  • Jawfin Developments
  • Jemchicomac
  • JN Interactive AB
  • Jonathan Teboul
  • Jormy Games
  • Joseph Heitzman
  • JoshOClock
  • Jovian Minds
  • Joybits
  • Juicy Beast Studio
  • Jump Games
  • JustNine
  • Kaida Games
  • Karmic Apps
  • Kavcom
  • KillHouse Games
  • Klaus Silveira
  • Knuckle Cracker
  • Kobojo
  • Kolograph
  • Kuju Entertainment
  • Kuroato Media
  • Kuyi Mobile
  • Kwalee
  • Kybernesis
  • L2 Games
  • Landauer Games
  • Legacy Interactive Games
  • Legal Radiation
  • Live Game Board
  • Lo-Fi Games
  • Logik State
  • Lonely Lama Design
  • Lonely Troops
  • LookAtMyGame
  • Loomus Games
  • Lost Astronaut Studios
  • Lotusland Studios
  • Ludus Studio
  • Lukas Penkava
  • Macrograph
  • Mad Otter Games
  • Mageeks Apps & Games
  • Mana Games
  • Mangobile
  • Mariachi Games
  • MARPO Productions
  • Massive Damage
  • Mastiff LLC
  • Maverick Games
  • MaxMars
  • Maysalward
  • Melesta Games
  • Meridian Digital Entertainment
  • Microvalue
  • Mindblocks Studio
  • Miracle Positive Co. Ltd
  • Mobbles Corp
  • Mobila Interactive, LLC
  • Mobile Now
  • MobyDick Games
  • Mole Mobile
  • Monkey I-Brow Studios
  • Monoklar
  • Monster Mobile
  • Moongoose Devworks LLC
  • Moxy Games
  • Mr. Qwak
  • Musicshake
  • Mythical City Games
  • Naloki
  • Narley Apps
  • Nekki GmbH
  • Neocom Mobile & Games
  • Nesoi Tech
  • Never Don't Play
  • NGames Limited
  • Niffler Ltd
  • Nifty Inspirations
  • Nihon Falcom
  • Ninja Sloth Studios
  • Noizoo Games
  • Numantian Games
  • O2 Games
  • ODD1
  • Oddity Games
  • Oddlabs
  • OlatunjiWorld
  • Om Entertainment
  • Omniconnection
  • OmniMotion
  • ootii
  • Order Of Leisure
  • ORiGO Games
  • Ovelin
  • Overlord Game Studio
  • Owzom!
  • Oxygene Media
  • Pearl Fisher Games
  • Pencel Games
  • Pentacle Games
  • Pepworks
  • PeqApps
  • Petroglyph
  • Phasic Labs
  • Physmo
  • Pick Up And Play
  • Pidroh Games
  • Pigmalion Studios
  • Pix Arts
  • Pixel Pandemic
  • Pixelight Games
  • Play This! Studios
  • Playlithium
  • PlayWay SA
  • PoccaDot
  • Polyclef Software
  • Polygon Gaming
  • Portable Pixels
  • Pramod Shankar
  • Psilocybe Games
  • Pumpkin Interactive
  • Puremana Studios
  • Puzzling Dream
  • Pythongem
  • Quantic Lab
  • QWERKY Communications
  • RamminSpeed Entertainment
  • R-U-ON LLC
  • Ratrod Studio Inc.
  • Ravn Studio AS
  • Razmobi
  • React! Games
  • Reality Games
  • RealScorz
  • Red Rage Gaming
  • Red Sprite Studios
  • Red Wasp Design
  • Relentless Software
  • Reload Game Studio
  • Replay Games
  • Rhizome Games
  • Riz Inc.
  • RoboNacho Systems, LLC
  • Robot Gentleman Studios
  • Rombos
  • Scary Robot Productions
  • Scherrer Medien Gmbh
  • Scorpius Games
  • Scream House Games
  • Sea Lion Games
  • Seaven Studio
  • Secret Bear World
  • Secret Item Games
  • Section 31
  • Serious Games Interactive
  • ShapeIT
  • Sim Chia Tek
  • SimProse Studios
  • Six Echo Studios
  • Skahal Studios
  • Skobbejak Games
  • SkyModo
  • Small Things
  • Smuttlewerk Interactive
  • So What! Software
  • Software Prodigy
  • Solitude Entertainment
  • Soloweb N.V. Studios
  • Solverlabs
  • Somnium Entertainment
  • SophSoft
  • Sorta Precision Technologies
  • Sourena Game Studio
  • Spherical Games
  • Square Egg Games
  • Star Arcade
  • Star Cat Studios
  • Starlab Game
  • Static Dreams
  • Stefanie Goodson
  • Steve Wozniak
  • StoryGameToy
  • Strategic Designs
  • Studio 2Beans
  • Stumpytree
  • Sugra Games
  • Supergonk Ltd
  • Swift Creek Games
  • Swift Development
  • Sync Interactive
  • Synqua Games
  • T-Rex Games
  • Tapstar Interactive
  • Tasty Poison Games
  • Tate Media
  • Tech Center Labs
  • Tenkai Game Studio
  • ThaiBro Game Studio
  • The Brenwill Workshop Ltd.
  • The Dragon Empire
  • The Fine Young Capitalists
  • The Game Creators Ltd.
  • The Mustard Corporation
  • TheGameWall Game Studios
  • Thetis Games
  • Thought Den
  • TickTock Games
  • Titan Forged Games
  • Tower Studios
  • Traunau
  • Treasure Bound Books
  • Trek Industries
  • Trigger Happy
  • Trinity Stars
  • Turner Broadcasting
  • Ultra Runaway Games
  • Umbrella Games
  • Unimatrix Productions
  • United Independent Entertainment
  • University Of Games
  • Unusual Things
  • VaragtP Studios
  • Vidiludi Games & Entertainment
  • Virtual Adventures
  • Virtual Playground
  • Virtual Squared League
  • VIS Games
  • VIVA! Vision
  • Vivid Games
  • VODA digital
  • Walker Boys Studio
  • Wasted Malice Publishing
  • Watch More Television Interactive
  • White Elephant Games
  • Winjit Technologies
  • Witherwood Studios
  • Wonky Woo Games
  • Workyrie Game Studio
  • WormOEntertainment
  • Wronghut
  • Wulven Game Studios
  • XperimentalZ Games
  • Xyrality
  • Yeti Culture Games
  • Youzu Interactive
  • Zaxis Games
  • Zealcity Studios
  • Zero Point Software
  • ZigZaGame Inc.
  • ZingMagic Limited
  • Zombie Robot Games Inc.
  • Zoopa






Are you ready to work with us? You are encouraged to contact us with any questions or concerns you might have to our array of services. Kindly include a brief description of your situation and needs, and provide links to your game if possible. We will do our best to respond within 24 hours, but this may vary depending on our workload, current obligations, trade shows we are attending and our office hours.

We encourage you to browse the Internet to evaluate your options on how to best promote and sell your game, and we encourage you to exercise a comparison with GAME PROMOTER™ to other and similar partners. What you will discover is that GAME PROMOTER™ is a natural choice to game developers just like you. We look forward to working with you, and you are welcome to contact us with any questions or concerns you might have to our array of services.